Welcome to PremTiffin

The Tiffin Centre was started by the name of Prem Tiffin Centre in 2011 in the pink city jaipur with the vision of providing a home made tiffin service. Prem Tiffin Centre is goal oriented towards supplying clean, fresh and wholesome food products. The Prem Tiffin aims to provide food at affordable cost to all and supply the health food products to improve the quality of life for one and all..

  • We serve the best food in town.
  • Fresh and Healthy.
  • Fast and good service.
  • Home Delivery
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Home Cooked Food

We provide home made food to our customers.

Dining Facility

We provide dining facility to requested customers.

Corporate Orders

We provide corporate orders for meetings.

Disposal Tiffins

We provide disposal Tiffin packets.

We speak the good food language